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2nd Class Updates

Dear 2nd Class, Parents and Gardians,

I hope you are all keeping well at home and enjoying some fresh air also.

You have enough work set out in your homework folders and packs for the coming week. Please be reminded that this is to be done at your own pace, it is revision work so you should be able to work on this independently, and only complete the work that you are able to do.

Please ignore the questions on page 62 of Big Ted’s BBQ if the information is not in the extract on page 61.

Don’t forget there are lots of fun ways you can learn at home; we covered money recently, you could set up a food shop in the kitchen, arrange your shampoos and bubble baths to make a chemist etc, price your items and see how much change you would need to buy them, how much change you would get from €1/€2 and so on. You could even make a few shop signs!

We also did some “online shopping” on the Lidl website using the ipads, you could try this again yourself at home or design a menu like the take away menu we looked at.

Tree week is coming up next week, you could see what trees are in your area, gather some different leaves on a walk and compare the different characteristics of the leaves.

Enjoy some reading, making cartoons, free writing, lego and playing with your toys.

I’m sure you are all making me very proud; helping out at home, playing with your toys, being active and getting out in the fresh air.

You will see my updates on the class page of our website. I will be in touch next week about an app called SeeSaw which you will have the option of using. I will  be available to connect on SeeSaw through our own 2nd class page, I will let you know once I have this set up.

For now, it is almost the weekend and the sun is shining so I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

Talk to you all next week,

Kindest Regards,