3rd Class Activities

3rd class enjoyed learning about Rosh Hashanah the Jewish New Year, the class learned how the festival is celebrated and sampled the tradition of apples dipped in honey.

Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors always goes down a treat, even when we play it in Maths. Rock, Paper, Scissors Multiplication is a fun way you can practice your tables at home too!

The class challenged themselves to beat the clock when ordering and matching the 12 and 24 hour times in Maths.

It was a group effort to identify all of the parallel lines in this Maths activity.

The class enjoyed playing Connect 4 to practice their Subtraction skills.

Human sums are a great way for the class to work through operations together.

For Maths week the children made their own maths games, it was brilliant to see all of the different maths games ideas the class had. We spent the afternoon of the Halloween mid-term break playing each other’s games,

The children started the year with a project about Friendships. Martha measured out all of the ingredients needed for the perfect friendship!

We learned about The Stone Age, we looked at typical Cave art and at a virtual tour of the Lascaux Cave paintings in France. We decided to recreate our own cave style art in the classroom.

First we had to make our own colours using natural colourants; we mixed a little oil with various spices and charcoal to make our colours.

Next we decided to set the scene by entering into our own caves! We fixed our pages to the underneath of the tables and had great fun in our caves using our natural colourings to create our cave art.

We had visitors deliver a great science workshop for Science Week, we learned about 3 famous scientists and carried out experiments to demonstrate their work, we dressed up as scientists and shared our investigations.

It was interesting to learn about our bodies, we looked particularly at how the lungs work. We made models of the diaphragm and lungs using bottles, balloons, plastic and elastic bands. We observed how the movement of the diaphragm inflates and deflates the lungs.

We covered procedure writing in English, we studied the aspects of procedure writing and wrote our own recipes at home.

In school we also put some procedures into practice, we made homemade butter and smoothies.

We used nothing but double cream and glass jars to make homemade butter, the class loved trying their homemade butter on bread afterwards!

We also made fruit smoothies which went down a treat!

Hygiene in class is very important as we do not want to spread germs, to highlight the importance of washing our hands we carried out a very visual and effective experiment.

We took one slice of white bread and handled it using a glove, we placed the slice of bread in a sealed lunchbag using a glove.

We passed a second slice of bread around the class, gloves were not used to handle the second slice of bread, once each child held the slice of bread we then put this in another sealed lunchbag.

Both bags were sealed and we waiting to see the results, needless to say everybody has made sure to wash their hands regularly since!

We had a visitor keeping an eye over 3rd class in December!