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3rd Class Closure Information

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Your child will have been sent home with a scheme of work and work pack for 3rd class for the coming two weeks was sent via Aladdin. There is also a sample timetable attached to the scheme of work which may help you structure the work.

We encourage the children to continue reading their own books and to use some of their technology time on educational websites and YouTube channels.

We would also encourage the children to get some fresh air each day even if it is just in the back yard.

The body coach is also providing PE classes online every morning between 9 & 10, this is a great way for everyone to get active.

If you have any queries regarding any of the work provided or need more information on available activities,  both Jenny & I will be available at our school emails.

Kind Regards,




Leabhar Lirithe:
The following chapters are to be fully completed by the student
● -An Geimhreadh page 17
● -An Nollaig page 25
● -Caitheamh Aimsire page 27
● -An tEarrach page 35
● -Éadaí page 37
● The children will complete one of the Gaeilge worksheet each day.
● The final sheet is an interview worksheet to be complete by the child and an adult or sibling
of their choice.

● Unit 3A: To be completed the first week
Each day read the story and complete at least one activity to go with the story
● Unit 11B: To be complete the second week
Each day read the story and complete at least one activity to go with the story.
● Reading: the children will spend minimum of 5 minutes reading out loud every day. This
could be any book of their choice. The reading needs to be followed by a discussion and
questions on what has been read. The reading log must be signed each day.
● Spellings: spellings will continue as normal, with the child writing and learning their spellings
each night. Complete Friday spelling tests. Correct, sign and date each week.
● English in Practice- Continue with one per day.


● One maths sheet is to be completed each day
● The children need to also continue with their daily mental maths
● Tables – dividing by 3 and 4, complete Friday test in small notebook. Correct, sign and

● Two sheets on the food pyramid, one per week.

● Two experiments on floating and sinking, one per week

● History – Please see file upload for instructions (File was emailed through Aladdin)
● Art – Please see file upload for instructions
● Music – Please see file upload for instructions