Stars Adventures

Our Stars have been busy lately. They had a trip to the bug hotel to check out the mini-beasts with Hilary. They took lots of photos, and returned to their classroom to draw pictures of their slugs, snails, spiders, worms and flies.

m_DSCF1764 m_DSCF1765m_DSCF1760m_DSCF1758 m_DSCF1757

They also had a lovely visit from some puppies and had lots of fun playing with them before our midterm break.

m_DSCF1782 m_DSCF1781 m_DSCF1780 m_DSCF1779 m_DSCF1778 m_DSCF1768 m_DSCF1769 m_DSCF1767 m_DSCF1777 m_DSCF1775 m_DSCF1773

Senior Stars are working on our projects until the end of June. We look up information about our projects on Google and save the images to our own folders on Desktop. Later we print them out and cut and paste them into our project scrapbooks. Look at us working nicely on our computers.

m_DSCF1786 m_DSCF1785 m_DSCF1783