November 2020

We had a very busy month in November and have been working really hard in all of our subjects!

Here is an outline of what we covered in each subject:

Maths: Division of 2s, 5s, and 10s and reading and interpreting bar charts and pictograms. We are also very busy working on our times tables and using our skip counting to help us recall the tables! It’s all new this year so it can be a bit tricky but we are working hard and we will get there!

English: We are continuing our reading of Charlotte’s Web and really enjoying sharing the story together as a class. We have revised ‘explanation’ writing and have also learned about speech marks and punctuation. We covered 4 more weeks of our spelling workbook and are doing great each week. We have been learning about ‘inferential comprehension’ which is when the answer to a question is hidden in a text. We have been donning our detective hats to use synonyms or words that mean the same thing to give us clues to read between the lines!

Gaeilge: We are still working really hard at learning to read and write the 200 most common words in Gaeilge. The themes we covered this month were Bia agus Ar Scoil. We have also learned some lovely new songs such as ‘Cén Bia is Fearr Leat?’

SESE: We learned about weather phenomena in SESE and shared our memories and experiences of Storm Ophelia. We have learned about cloud coverage symbols and kept a week’s record of cloud coverage during school, mostly overcast not surprisingly!!! In History we explored Ancient Egypt and read about Tutankahmun the Boy King, we even learned how to read and write in hieroglyphics!

The Arts: We made some lovely firework scratch paintings in Art and had a special Drama workshop with Aisling our Creative Associate. We played some cool games called Museum and All Hail the Chief! We picked our favourite Christmas songs for our Winter Concert and are looking forward to giving you a special treat on the 17th of December!