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A November to remember in 2nd Class

ENGLISH: This month the children explored the ‘Report’ genre as part of our English Literacy plan. This involved reading and discussing texts written in report style to determine their structure and typical features. It was then their turn to write their own report on ‘Crocodiles’. This involved researching information on them, planning their report in pairs, writing draft 1, editing, writing draft 2 and finally publishing their report and illustrations on our display board outside the staffroom where all passersby could read the fruits of their labour. We are so proud of our writing and ready to embark on the ‘procedure’ writing genre in December. The children also composed their own ‘kenning’ poems on a topic of their choice which were highly creative and amusing.


MATHS: We are enjoying our morning maths problem immensely. Our brains are at our best first thing in the morning and the children are falling over themselves to discuss their solutions.


Curriculum topics explored in Maths lessons were ordinal numbers (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.…..), 2D shapes and angles, and Time. This week concludes our tables revision of addition with +12! Subtraction coming to a kitchen table near you!!!

IRISH: Gaeilge has been making us very hungry this month as we communicate about Bia (Food)! The children are very engaged and can be heard speaking Irish throughout the day for fun.

P.E: We have started to juxtapose playground games with basketball skills, ensuring to sanitise all equipment before and after our lessons. The children are always eager to get outside for P.E. in any weather and really appreciate the opportunities to move their bodies at any opportunity. On Friday they led the school in a whole school zoom assembly with a highly energetic French song and dance routine in celebration of the language knowledge in our class! They brought the house down and had many requests to teach other classes their moves. The song called ‘Jean Petit qui danse can be found at: Spotify:  or YouTube: Chansons pour Enfants | JEAN PETIT QUI DANSE | Danse | Vidéo | Minidisco – YouTube

MUSIC: Additionally in music, we explored musical dynamics of ‘loud and soft’ and tempos ‘fast and slow’, which proved for lively lessons as they children practiced same.

DRAMA: On a further creative note, our class is lucky enough to be one of the classes participating in a flagship initiative of Creative Ireland and the Arts Council that aims to put the arts and creativity at the heart of the lives of children and young people. See: KTET is a ‘Creative School!’ – KTET ( The facilitator Aisling Byrne taught a super drama lesson to the class and as you can see they were really engaged.

ART: For Visual art, we worked on environmental art (see previous post from 8th Nov for pics), scratch art firework displays in celebration of the Hindu festival of Lights, Diwali as well as learning the art of Paper Quilling!

SCIENCE: The children enjoyed exploring the push and pull forces in our science lessons around how see-saws and magnets work. Allowing the children to discover the science learning points themselves with materials played to their curious nature and enabled use of lots of scientific language!

HISTORY & GEOGRAPHY: Magnets led nicely into the start of our Antarctic themed History and Geography units about the ‘Endurance’ Expedition led by Ernest Shackleton and right-hand man Tom Crean. The children are enthralled by the tension in the book ‘Ice Trap’ by Meredith Hooper and cannot wait to read on and imagine what it must have been like to be stuck on the ice floes for so long when the ‘Endurance’ became trapped in the ice.


We are looking forward to December and the excitement it brings!