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An egg-citing March in Megan’s first!

We are so excited to be back together in school again.

March was a fun filled month with loads to celebrate.

First class learned about many amazing women in history for women’s history month. We learned about women who changed the world or were extraordinary in what they did. Some of these women/girls included Anne Frank, Marie Curie, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Mae Jemison, Malala Yousafzai, Simone Biles and Amelia Earhart. We talked about how we can have an impact on the world or our community no matter our age or gender. We read Malala’s famous quote “one, child, one teacher, one book, one pen can change the world”.

We made an Anne Frank jigsaw, made airplanes inspired by Amelia Earhart, did some gymnastics like Simone Biles, made rockets for Mae Jemison, wrote about what we would do if we had a magic pencil like Malala, drew pictures of Ruth Bader Ginsburg and made art inspired by Frida Kahlo. It was fitting that Mother’s day was celebrated during women’s history month. We talked about our favourite women in our lives and made cards to celebrate them.

We celebrated St. Patrick’s day, Easter and Holi in first class this month.

We learned about St. Patrick and made some rainbow art. We decided to go outside to write our ‘ch’ words this week with chalk on our yard because the sun was shining so nicely.

We designed eggs and wrote a description about what they looked like. We then put all the eggs in the middle of the room and everyone had to guess which one was which from the descriptions. We also wrote compliments on small eggs and added them to our egg-cellent baskets. The smiles when we realised how amazing we all are was so great!

We learned about How Holi is celebrated around the world and hosted Assembly for the whole school. We danced to a song called Holi Hai and the classes love it!! We were brilliant!!