Autumn Time in Rang a Dó

Autumn time in 2nd Class

Over the past few weeks the boys and girls in Maureen’s second class have been learning all about Autumn. We discovered that certain animals such as bears, bats and hedgehogs all hibernate for the winter and have to gather and store food before they go to into hibernation.

We also discovered that some birds migrate to warmer countries for the winter.

Second class then created a big display on our art board about Autumn. The Autumn colours have been a great inspiration for our art, where we explored pointillism as an art technique to help create our Tree images. Here are some pictures:  

Class novel – this month we have been reading our class novel – The Magic Finger. We are huge fans of Roald Dahl and this particular story has encouraged us to debate some key points on animal safety as well as inspiring us with our own writing on witch character descriptions. The Magic Finger is full of fun, magic and typical Roald Dahl humour. As with many Roald Dahl books, we found out there is a powerful moral to be found within The Magic Finger. Many of Dahl’s characters are cruel people with no kindness within them. Dahl was huge believer in the power of kindness.

September and All about Me

This month we are doing a lot of work focusing on all about me – here are just some of our wonderful self portrait artwork that we put together.

As part of our  project based homework for this month, we presented many of our wonderful and creative “All About Me” projects.

Numeracy – Rang a Dó began their numeracy power hour in  September and are all working really hard! We have five different stations that focus on our developing number  sense and our problem solving skills. We spend 10 minutes at each station. When we work on our problem solving during power hour  we use our RUCSAC strategy to assist us in working our way through our math problems. We play plenty of mathematical games and use ipads as reinforcement.

We have also been reading all about Flat Stanley and his fun Adventures. While we learnt a lot of new vocabulary , we also shared and discussed our ideas on what we think makes a story interesting for us as readers  (characters, setting, problem, solution). We created some very interesting character descriptions , using our class novel Flat Stanley as our inspiration.

Mé Féin

During September in our Irish lessons second class were learning about how to talk about yourself. We practised asking and answering questions every day and then we wrote a paragraph about ourselves in Irish. Here are the questions and answers we have been using:

  • Cé tusa? (Who are you?) Is mise __________.
  • Cad is ainm duit? (What is your name?) ___________ is ainm dom.
  • Cén aois thú? (What is your age?)  Tá mé seacht mbliana d’aois / Té mé ocht mbliana d’aois.
  • Cá bhfuil tú i do chonaí? (Where do you live?) Tá mé i mo chonaí i gCill Dara.
  • Cén rang ina bhfuil tú? (What class are you in?) Tá mé i rang a dó.
  • An mo duine i do chlann? (How many people are in your family?)Tá _________ i mo chlann. (2=beirt, 3=triúr, 4=ceathrar, 5=cúigear, 6 = seisear)
  • An bhfuil aon deirfiúr nó dearthair agat? (Do you have any sister / brother?)

We will be practising these questions throughout the year.