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Autumn time in Senior Infants

Welcome to our Senior Infants class page. This is where we post videos, photos, art, our work, etc. We hope you enjoy it! 

We had a very busy first term in Senior Infants but we also made sure to look after ourselves by doing lots of PE and active breaks! We are continuing to work hard on our sounds, tricky words and handwriting. We noticed the letters b and d can be confusing so practising them at home would be of great benefit. 

In Math we have been practising writing our numbers using the correct formation. We have been counting sets and writing the correct number in the box. We have been playing many number games during our lessons. We learned about 2d shapes and made 2d shape monsters to help us to remember a square, rectangle, triangle, circle and oval. Playing I spy regularly helps keep us on the lookout for those shapes in our environment! 

We have also been learning about the change in season; what happens to the trees, that some animals hibernate for the winter and how other animals like to gather their food and store it for winter. We also learned that some birds like to leave Ireland and fly to a warmer country for the winter time. If you are out and about over the mid term, please help build your child’s oral language by talking about all the changes that are happening in nature. 

We have been busy in art and have created many art pieces over the term . We  enjoyed creating our own self portraits, scarecrows and bat silhouettes. The children had so much fun doing this and worked really hard!