Baking in 2nd Class

There was great excitement in Tommy’s 2nd class this fortnight as the children engaged with a project they were sure to remember.
Over the course of two weeks the children advertised, took orders, baked and sold cupcakes and fairy cakes in order to raise funds for the school.
The inspiration came from a Finnish approach to primary education whereby the children took an ‘event’ and through an integrated approach, used new learning and skills in context.
Initially the children had to advertise their bake sale. However, as we are a Green School, and as part of the Learn Together Curriculum, the children thought it best to create a paperless advertising strategy to reduce our carbon footprint. This resulted in the integration of ICT whereby the children in groups designed and created digital flyers, posters and emails to inform students and staff when and what would be taking place in the school in the upcoming week.
Following on from this the children studied procedural writing in English, in particular procedural writing in recipe books. Once the children decided what they would like to bake, and what procedural text they would use they went out to the classes and took orders. We then used this data to create charts and estimations to display. This informed our advertising and our ingredients’ list.
Additionally, the children have been learning all the different foods in Irish under the topic of Bia. The children wrote shopping lists of the ingredients we would need in order to fulfil our baking order. Natural integration of the Irish language enriched Gaeilge lessons and the children seemed to enjoy the purposeful use of Gaeilge in their play.
During the baking sessions, children weighed out different ingredients, mixed mixtures, timed preheating the oven and used addition and subtraction strategies to monitor our progress in fulfilling the orders. While designing the cupcakes the class drew on their colour theory knowledge explored in art and had a hands on opportunity to create colourful cookie monsters, 3D sheep and patterned buns.
Once the cupcakes were good to go the money began to roll in. Having spent the month of January looking at ‘money’ in maths, this was a fantastic opportunity for the children to apply new learning in context. Giving and receiving change, costing ingredients and deducting it from the final count.
Our final step in this project is to present a cheque to the school during our assembly presentation this Friday. The children have been practising their presentation skills this week and are very excited to end the project on a high before midterm.