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Board of Management

The Board of Management of our school has 8 members:

  • Two are direct nominees by the Patron; Educate Together
  • Two are parents of children enrolled in the school, one mother and one father.  Normally elected every 4 years by ballot (held November 2012 as the school was formed after the national creation of boards)
  • The Principal teacher
  • A teacher on the staff of the school elected by the staff vote
  • Two nominees from the wider community; unanimously agreed by the previous six members

The current Board of Management:

  • Patron Nominees: Judith O’Connor (Chairperson) & Tom Toft (Health and Safety Officer)
  • School Principal: Gerry Breslin
  • Staff Nominee: Aisling O’ Sullivan
  • Parent Nominee: Nahuel Uhlig
  • Parent Nominee: Anna Kadzik(Treasurer)
  • Community Nominees: Maureen Hopkins and Brendan Magee

Role of the Board of Management

  • Manage the school and provide an appropriate education for each student
  • Act in accordance with legislation and policy
  • Uphold the Educate Together ethos
  • Consult and inform patron body
  • Publish policies
  • Be accountable S.18 Education Act (accounts and records)