Creating Christmas Cheer in 5th Class

We have had a wonderful time in the lead up to Christmas in 5th class!!

While having loads of fun in the lead up to Christmas we were also determined to learn and so we explored length, division and problem solving in maths.
We learnt songs and Christmas vocabulary in Irish and one of our Christmas songs can be seen in our excellent concert video that we created and can be viewed through the private link on Aladdin.
We engaged in explanation writing in English and the children excelled in this area, identifying excellent reasons for complex topics such as the viability of rolling out electric cars worldwide and why parents monitor their children’s electronic devices. We also had great fun creating Christmas stories and poems together.

We enjoyed a very creative month in the class, where the children all had a hand in creating their own Christmas drama scenes in their pods. These videos have been uploaded to our Teams page and can be viewed there.

We also took the chance to decorate the classroom and the whole class came together to create a wonderful Christmas cover for the classroom door.

The children have been amazing this month where everyone had brilliant fun and we had a great time in the face of a very different Christmas to what we are all used to.

Merry Christmas to everyone and have a great Christmas break.
We’ll all be back full of energy and ready to go again in the new year.