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December in Senior Infants

Once December began our play area transformed into a busy post Office at Christmas! We talked about some of the things you can do at the Post Office. We spent time writing and posting letters. The postal workers then sorted the letters and delivered them to the correct addresses. It was great fun. We learned that we would need to weigh our letters and parcels in order to calculate how much we would need to post them and that you can even find application forms for a passport or TV license in the Post Office!  There is a lot more involved in posting parcels and letters than we originally thought! We watched a video to find out more about the journey of a letter after we posted it!  

We had a special visitor in the room – Santa zoomed us last Friday. We were thrilled to see him and remembered all the important things we had to do on Christmas Eve! Finally, we enjoyed practising for our Winter Wonderland. We did a good job in learning all our songs and poems and were delighted to have received such kind emails from our audience! 

Wishing everyone a very happy Christmas and New Year.