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December Madness !

We packed a lot into December and we are all exhausted but very excited for our Winter break.

In English we explored ‘Procedural’ writing such as recipies, how to build something and instructions to follow a game. The children learned all about imperative or bossy verbs and clear specific instructions, and set to work on documenting how to make hot cholocate. They enjoyed the hands-on lesson so much and as a result, their writing was very impressive. This time the children published their finished procedures digitally using the app Book Creator. They loved adding photos of their procedures and text to make their own mini digital booklets!

In Maths, we investigated symmetry and fractions which excited the children. Using Pizza sharing was the most effective way for the children to understand halves and quarters.

We integrated our Learn Together programme with Science and visual art as we talked about our common Irish garden birds and how to look after them in frosty weather. The children made their own bird feeders from milk cartons.

We got even more creative for music and drama and learned three festive songs and 28 festive jokes to create our winter Performance video for the parents. The children particularly enjoyed using green sceen technology to record their joke telling. Here are some photos from the recording day!

Gerry set the classed a challenge to decorate their classroom door. Our class dedicated our door to the people in our school community to whom they would like to say thank you and used their hot chocolate theme to thank them! They were delighted with the outcome !

We wish all of our familes a safe and happy winter break and a Happy New Year! We will see you all in 2021