February already!!!

Can you believe it’s the middle of February already!!!
We have had so much fun since we came back to school .In art we celebrated Chinese New Year by making lovely firework pictures. In maths we are learning about time and money, for time we tracked the weather everyday for a week and in money we sorted 1c,2c, and 5c coins into groups, made coin rubbings, matched coins to Numicon shapes. Later on in the week we will have stations which will have a different activity at each table that and we go to all the tables in turn.
Our theme this month in Aistear is The Doctor’s Surgery, we love being nurses and doctors and looking after each other!
In History we read and sequenced the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, (we also read it in Irish as part of Gaeilge.)
Science has been so much fun, we are learning about heat, you may have seen our dancing snakes in the window (to show how hot air rises). We also got to use a thermal imaging camera to take a picture of the heat left behind by our handprint after a few seconds! We were inspired by this so we then used chalk on black paper to draw what our handprints looked like.