February fun in Mia’s Junior Infants

We did something a little different for pancake Tuesday, instead of having pancakes, due to allergies we chose to just have the toppings instead, so we had a fruit tasting! We ate, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, bananas, grapes and  oranges at our Fruit Tuesday picnic. It was delicious!


How are you feeling?
This month we have been learning about the Doctor’s surgery in Aistear . We had so much fun looking after the sick patients! We have also introduced ‘how am I feeling ? into our circle time! This means we talk about where our energy level is; 1 being low/tired, 3 being OK and 5 being brilliant and full of energy! We have learned that it’s OK to feel low or sad, but we also discussed what we could do to feel better. Some ideas were; to have a nap, ask our mums/dads/granny/granddad for a cuddle, draw a picture, have a healthy snack like fruit. This makes us more aware of how others around us are feeling too.

In Maths we looked at the different small coins we use in Ireland, 1c, 2c, 5c,10c, 20c. We were working with the 1c coins and adding them up . It was exciting to use real coins! We have also been working hard on number formation;,this month our number was 3. Again we used different stations to practice writing and making the number 3.

We are still working hard on our Tricky words last week we played a fishing game where we had to catch the tricky words! Don’t forget they are up in the class window to practice!

We are very proud of our school and enjoy keeping it clean so we have been using picking litter! We wear hi-vis jackets and gloves, then using litter pickers we cleaned up some rubbish,which had blown into our school during the storms. We will do this twice a month and everyone will get a turn to do it! See you in March!