First Term in Senior Infants!

December was a busy and fun month in Senior Infants. We explored the theme of the Post Office in Aistear, created snowman art and even had a visit from Santa! We finished up the month with a Christmas movie and some treats!


Our Aistear was the Supermarket this month, we had lots of fun role playing! We learned about the various coins we use when we are shopping and sorted them into their correct groups.


October was a busy month for Senior Infants. We looked at ch words, explored the weather station in Aistear and went on an Autumn walk. We learned about 2D shapes and constructed them using straws, lollipop sticks and cotton ear buds. We celebrated Halloween by dressing up and going on a Witches Walk down to the town.



September has been a fun-filled month for Senior Infants. We explored The Baby Clinic in Aistear and loved looking at everyone’s baby pictures! The children were busy playing the roles of a doctor, a nurse, a receptionist and parents in the role play area. Others created x-rays of their hands using cotton buds and black paper. The children designed their own baby clothes and made rattles and toys out of play-dough. In Maths, we investigated Numicon and played games, made images and addition sums using the various pieces. We looked at “sh” words and tried to think of as many as we could using our whiteboards. What a great start to the year 🙂