Fun Forever in Fifth Class

We had a terrific final few months in 5th class. The children all had one of their best days ever in school with the arrival of the Lets Go fun camp and had an absolute ball playing all of the games and using all of the wonderful equipment that they brought with them.
We have also been hard at work in class creating our own representation of Kildare Town and figuring out ways we could optimise the use of space in the town and make improvements. There are definitely some blossoming engineers and architects in the room!!!
We also had a terrific afternoon using the Ready, Steady Throw boards where the teacher found out that his aim was not as good as he thought and the children were super impressive at the games we played.
As we head towards the summer holidays, the children can all be so proud of themselves for the tremendous effort they have put in this year and everyone has helped to make it all great fun along the way.