This month Tommy’s 2nd class revisited the P.E. strand ‘Gymnastics’. As the class spent each week working on their balance and form, they gradually moved towards handstands, forward rolls and cartwheels.

There was a great, engaging  atmosphere during these weeks as the children really enjoyed exploring what they could do in Gymnastics. Each child in the class experienced success and identified themselves a gymnasts.

From a teacher’s perspective I am always surprised as to how children underestimate themselves in gymnastics. Once the foundation and safety procedures have been taught and practised, the children really excel going forward.

Time in these classes were spent exploring the different ways we can balance in groups, in pairs and by ourselves.

The phrase ‘Tall as a House, Small as a Mouse’ suddenly resulted in the formation of a safe and successful forward roll.

Even simple activities whereby the children rocked forward and backwards on a gymnastics mat built the confidence in them to attempt a backwards roll.

Above all, the children thoroughly enjoyed creating their own gymnastics routine and presenting it to the class. Great peer and self-assessment.