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Halloween Fun!

We have had a great week incorporating Halloween into our curriculum. On Monday we learned about the ancient origins of Halloween (The Festival of Samhain) and Halloween traditions around the world. We learned to sing a gorgeous Irish song called ‘Oíche Shamhna’ in canon (three part round singing!), which was really beautiful. For art, the children used oil pastel techniques (blending, layering, short strokes, long strokes and pointillism) to create atmospheric Halloween skies to which they affixed spooky silhouettes, which they cut out. I can safely say we have the Halloween hype out of our systems and are ready to settle for another great week of learning this week before our Witches’ walk on Friday.

23.10.2020 What a great day we had dressing up, parading at the Witches’ walk, composing Halloween acrostic poems, decorating Halloween crêpes or ‘creeps’ and stuffing our faces while we watched The Adams Family. Happy Midterm break to all of our families!