June came too soon – Áine’s 2nd Class

Revision, collaborative learning and fun were the priorities of June in 2nd Class!

English:  We got loads of mileage from the wordless picture book ‘Flotsam’ by David Wiesner. (Flotsam means ‘anything that floats’). Being wordless with only illustrations to tell the story, the children practised observing, wondering and inferring meaning. Initially they worked on summarising the story, restricted by me only allowing them to use five main ideas! Next, we performed ‘shared writing’ and composed one sentence for each page of the book. On round two, we edited each sentence to add richer adjectives and verbs. Then it was the children’s turn to enhance the story by adding their own additional sentence to each page.

Later in the month, we used the surreal underwater pictures from the book to reinforce observation skills, using adjectives and adverbs and imagination as the children wrote about what they ‘wondered’, and ‘inference’ as they wrote about what they ‘think’.

We revised all 2nd class grammar concepts using fun quizzes and continued to work on handwriting.

SESE: Flotsam was the perfect lead into the topic of Ocean Pollution. The children brainstormed what the ocean and beaches meant to them personally, followed by exploring why oceans matter to our earth and society. We pondered impactful images of how ocean plastics are destroying marine life and explored what we can do to lessen the threat.

The children also completed an engineering challenge wherein they had to design and build a paper bridge in groups that could hold the weight of twenty 5 cent coins. This was a lot of fun and the children learned that there are always many attempts and perspectives required to get engineering right!

We took the opportunity to visit the geodome to admire the lush array of vegetables and plants which the Stars classes had planted and nurtured this year! Andy was busy irrigating when we arrived!

SPHE: We listened to the book ‘The Best Part of Me’ by Wendy Ewald wherein children wrote about their best body part justifying why they chose it! So that we could also view our bodies and ourselves in a positive light, the class each picked their favourite body part to photograph and write about. These pieces turned out very beautiful and everyone stopped to admire our display.

Gaeilge: We concentrated on reading and writing long and short vowels (a, á, o, ó, e, é, i, í, u, ú) this month. The children are enjoying reading Gaeilge stories more now and their competitive streaks got the better of them in our ‘Tráth na gCeist’ (Table Quiz) to assess vocabulary for ‘Mothúcháin’ (feelings), ‘prepositions’ and the topic ‘An trá’ (The beach).

Music: We enjoyed a brilliant ‘songs from the movies’ quiz last week and sang and performed a KTET favourite: ‘My Song’ by the Triple X’s.

P.E.  Our ‘Run in the Sun’ with Tommy’s 2nd class continued most mornings in June and put the children in great form for learning. There were multiple opportunities to use the playground equipment this month and the ‘Let’s Go’ fun day was so fantastic!

Art:  We studied colour theory in more detail with lessons in tinting and shading colours. The children mixed in white to tint their chosen base hue, and black to create darker shades of their base hue. They assembled their work like colour value charts you would find in hardware stores, in the form of ice cream scoops on a cone! Finally, they had to mix a complimentary colour for the background, again referring to their learned colour theory. They all enjoyed this activity and many of the children turned their work into gorgeous Father’s Day cards. After all, Dads are cool and sweet too!

It was with great pleasure that I served an ice cream party to my wonderful class last Thursday as a thank you for being fantastic students and lovely kind people. All that is left for me to do is to thank all of the parents of 2nd class and wish you a brilliant summer break!