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KTET is a ‘Creative School!’

We are delighted that we have been selected to participate in Creative Schools, a flagship initiative of Creative Ireland and the Arts Council that aims to put the arts and creativity at the heart of the lives of children and young people. The school has been matched with a ‘Creative Associate’ who will help to lead us on our journey as a ‘Creative School’ across a two year period.  The process will begin with a whole school analysis of creativity at KTET led by our Creative Associate, Aisling, who will work with staff and students to gain an understanding of creativity at KTET. This will involve some workshops, surveys and other fun exploratory activities! It is important that everyone, especially our pupils, have the chance to give their ideas and opinions towards shaping our project plan. Using all the information gathered through the analysis, we will develop a special plan for creativity at our school and begin to implement exciting creative projects and activities to take place from March 2021 onwards.

About our Creative Associate
Aisling Byrne is a Kildare based theatre artist and educator who has been working with the Creative Schools project since its pilot in 2018. In her practice Aisling specialises in collaborative and socially engaged theatre making, documentary theatre, Drama-in-Education and inclusive arts. Aisling is the Artistic Director of Run of the Mill Theatre which supports artists with intellectual disabilities, and co-founder of the award-winning theatre collective Talking Shop Ensemble. She is delighted and excited to be working with Kildare Town Educate Together.