March has been a terribly unusual month in schools across the country with the closure. However this post is going to showcase some of the fantastic work 3rd class completed during their two weeks in school.


3rd class kicked off March be revisiting 2D shapes. The children revised all the 2D shapes they had covered in 2nd class, while also examining new shapes such as hexagon and parallelogram. The children learnt all the features of their new shapes and also spent time learning how to draw these shapes. Our final activity on 2D shapes involved using tangrams to create 2D animals with their partners.



3rd class explored the topic of symmetry for second week of March. They examined what is a line of symmetry? where do we find lines of symmetry ? and completed hands on activities involving lines of symmetry. The class went on a ‘line of symmetry hunt’ in which they had to search the room for lines of symmetry in their environment.

The class also completed challenges using tangrams. The first challenge involved one person creating half a shape and their partner having 30 seconds to recreate the mirror image. The second challenge involved the same activity expect this time the children worked in their tables to compete against each other.


During the first fortnight of the month 3rd class completed a fantastic in class project.

Firstly the children listened and watched 3  historical myth and legend stories including; Tír na Óg, The children of Lir & Fionn mac Cumhaill.

As a class we discussed what features were common in these myths and legends. The children came up with major 3 commonalities, A hero, magic and an evil enemy. 3rd class then set about creating their own myth and Legend.

Stage 1: Planning, the children completed the worksheet you see below which allowed the children to plan out their story.

Stage 2: First draft, using their sword template to divide their story, the children wrote the first draft of the mythical story.

Stage 3: Final Draft, having editing and corrected their story the children set about completing their stories. The children had to write their story onto a sword template which had then to be designed, coloured and stuck together.

The Showcase: The children worked so hard on these stories. They were so engaged and passionate about creating the best story they could. The results are fantastic.


3rd were introduced to DabbleDooMusic in March. This interactive resource brings music to life in the classroom. The children explored different type of sounds; long, short, quite & loud. The children had to create a list of sounds for each category and create a symbol for this sound.

Following this in partners the class focused on vocal sounds and body percussion, again using our 4 categories, the children created a list of

symbols for each sound. They then create graphic scores using their symbols. They then performed some of the graphic scores created class


As part of international women’s day, 3rd class explored the 20 x 20 campaign.

20 x 20 is a campaign aimed at highlighting women in sport. During 2020, the campaign aims to increase the coverage, participation and attendance of women in sport

Each member of 3rd class chose a woman who has achieved excellence in a particular sport. The results were marvellous, with a wide range of women being chosen from; Cora Staunton, Sonia o’Sullivan, Natalie du Toit to Kildare’s own Katie Phelan. Needless to say Katie Taylor proved to be a popular choice in 3rd class also

The children’s efforts were nothing short of amazing and it is hoped that this project not only highlighted Women in sport but also encouraged some of our own class to work hard and follow their passion.