New Year, new decade, the same brilliant fun! January 2020

Happy 2020 everyone! We have had a very busy January in Mia’s room . We have been learning about weight in maths, we used the scales to weigh different objects, looking for heavier, lighter and items that made the scale balance, or were equal. We then did a sorting activity.

In Maths we have also been working very hard on writing our numbers. We have different stations we move around to, so we can practise forming a number using one of the following, play dough, black paper and rainbow chalk, whiteboards and markers and then writing it using a pencil.


We are getting very good at taking dictation. Using white boards we try to sound out the words in a sentence and try to write them ourselves.

For geography , we have been looking at different types of weather we have in Ireland. We even recorded a weather diary for a whole week, we also made beautiful wind socks that will blow gently in the wind. (You will see these next week when the children bring them home!

We went on a science walk around our school to look for some different materials. We were looking for wood, metal, plastic and stone; in our science books we drew what we saw for each. We found a metal gate, the slide is plastic, the walking bridge is wooden and some stone signs.We also went on a nature walk to see how all the flowers we planted with our wonderful parent’s council, are coming along. Our snowdrops are almost in bloom!


And of course our theme for Aistear this month was the Arctic, we have had lots of fun role playing as scientists in the arctic ,tracking, counting and saving the animals. This week we are looking at ways to rescue animals frozen ice. We tried hot water as one of the children said that’s what his mammy does when there’s ice on the car!

Finally, did you know that all the photos you see on this page are taken by the children themselves? Everyday the children have different jobs, one of those jobs is class photographer, in this class we are lucky that everyone is an excellent photographer! See you all in February!