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November in 4th Class…

What a month we have had in 4th Class! Please check out our website page monthly to see what we have been up to.

It has been a very busy month in Maths lessons, revising rules for the four operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) whilst improving our times tables and division tables. Check out the links below to continue practising times tables songs at home:

We have been learning about the relationship between fractions and decimals and practising the following skills:
Completing decimal sequences,
Ordering decimals,
Converting decimals to fractions,
Completing decimal problem solving.

We have enjoyed using ‘Number Rock’ and ‘Maths Antics’ videos to consolidate our learning. To revise, check out the links below:

In Gaeilge lessons, we have been learning through the topic ‘Bia’. Oral Language is hugely important in our Gaeilge lessons and we have spent a lot of time reading aloud, performing and orally asking and answering questions. 4th Class particularly loved the range of Gaeilge songs we have learnt this month, especially ‘Ag teacht timpeall an tsléibhe’.
In English, we have thoroughly enjoyed our Book Study of the novel ‘Holes’ by the very talented Louis Sachar. We have developed our skills of setting and character description, persuasive writing and more. Reading fluency and comprehension have been a huge focus this month and our class textbook, ‘Starlight’, has given us opportunities to develop answering literal and inferential questions.
We continue to work through our spelling book daily, developing spelling strategies, phonic knowledge and building vocabulary. Check out ‘Teams’ for next month’s spellings lists.

SESE has taken us on a journey back in time to July 1918 and the birth of the very significant Nelson Mandela. We have looked at many important achievements in his lifetime, his legacy and the geography of South Africa. We have also investigated Climate Change, the Journey of a River, Transport and the Characteristics of Living Things. Check out the video below to revise the 7 Life Processes:

Croí na Scoile lessons continue to allow us opportunities to develop our understanding and acceptance. We studied Sikhism and learnt about the 5Ks, Guru Nanak, the Gurdwara whilst making connections to other world religions which we have studied.

We have completed our Stay Safe programme, looking at the following areas: Feeling Safe and Unsafe, Bullying, Touches, Secrets and Telling and Strangers. We learnt many important skills and took part in very beneficial class discussions.

What a month it has been indeed! Budding writers, mathematicians and artists continue to shine in 4th Class. Stayed tuned for December’s antics and check out ‘Teams’ for some revision tasks of November’s learning.

Finally, in the picture there are some useful apps and websites to support our learning in 4th class. Enjoy!