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November in Maureen’s Senior Infants

This month our Aistear theme was The Supermarket. We talked about what we know about Supermarkets, what our favourite food is to buy and we discussed all the different things we might see in a supermarket. We also explored the different jobs in a supermarket and in our role play, we had lots of fun acting as customers, sales assistants, shelf and bag packers and managers. In reading writing we read the stories Handa’s Surprise and Jack Frost  and enjoyed sequencing the story in our writing by using first, next, then, last as prompts. In math we are playing lots of mental math games. Addition is our favourite, we enjoy adding numbers together. We are practsising our understanding of language, what number comes before, after. 7 is our magic number this month. We are doing many counting games activities, all focusing on 7, building number towers etc   We are working on answering questions on days of the week, what month is it and what season.