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November in Mia’s Junior Infants

We have had so much fun in Maths this month. We learned about the pegs can combine to make numbers, we made numicon shapes and towers using pegs . We did some more work on patters and made our using pegs, bears, puzzles and links. We also learned about 2D shapes and had a 2D shape around the classroom.

In Music we are learning about quiet and loud .We watched a video about Elmo listening to some soft music before bed until his friend then plays really loud music! We loved how poor Elmo’s fur was sticking up afterwards!! We also watched some orchestra’s playing slow and fast music.

During Art we were learning about how to mix colours, we were inspried by Wassily Kandinsky’s circles and painted our own version of them.

We even got to have a November picnic!

In Science we learned about how sound is made up of tiny particles which vibrate, we got to make shakers using pasta and bottles, we had to hydrate our brains first by drinking the water!

And of course we have had great fun in Aistear, our theme this month was the Hairdressers/ Barbers!

Gerry also came in and let us pick a ball (which were all sanitised before and after) to tell us which house we are in. There are four houses in our school and it is a great way to reward good behaviour ,teamwork and it’s a great way to get to know each other. The houses are Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

We have been having lots of Golden time on Fridays here are a few of our favourite activities.