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In Novemeber we learned all about Mexico and the weather!

We looked at ‘Bia’ in Gaeilge and learned lots of words for breakfast and lunch foods.

In maths we learned how to tell the time at o’clock and half past as well as figuring out how to read a calendar. We looked at how to read data. We surveyed our class and showed the results on a graph. We also started figuring out that digits have different values in a number, what to do when we have too many units and how to add two digit numbers together.

In our literacy we started reading The Twits by Roald Dahl and are loving the trouble the pair get up to. We found out what adjectives are and how to use them to make our sentences better. We also looked at some important punctuation.


First class made guacamole and were surprised that it tasted good! We then put our avocado seeds into water and are attempting to grow them. First class are so excited to see if our experiment works, it can take up to 8 weeks so we are being patient.

We learned about famous artist Frida Kahlo from Mexico and made art inspired by the flowers she often painted in her art. We also looked at different aspects of Mexico as a country; finding out its population, language, animal, weather, traditions and more. We made pinch pots with cacti inside, inspired by the deserts in Mexico.


We looked at all the different types of weather we could have. We learned about the water cycle using a fun song to remind us of the different stages. We did an experiment to show how it rains and another experiment to show the water cycle – we have seen the whole cycle just in a bag on our window!! First class love science and the experiments we’ve been doing.

During Science week we made cloud dough using conditioner and cornflour, we also put flowers and cabbage leaves into some coloured water to see how plants drink.

We talked about our grandparents and made some lovely grandparents day art. Even though we may not be able to see them right now, we are always thinking of them.

We also talked about what we are thankful for and wrote them down to make thankful turkeys during thanksgiving!