Below you will find a copy of some of the most used policies we have.  All our policies are available from the office if you would like to have a hard copy.

Below is a list of all the policies we have in the school at the moment.  Please contact the office if you would like a copy of any of them.




SESE: Geography

SESE: History

SESE: Science

Arts: Music

Arts: Visual Art

Arts: Drama

Physical Education

Social, Personal and Health Education

Accident Injury and Administration of Medicines Policy

Asthma Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy

Assessment Policy

Child Protection Policy

Code of Behaviour

Communications Policy

Critical Incident Policy

GDPR Policy

Dignity at Work Policy

Enrolment Policy

Fire Safety Policy

Garda Vetting Policy

Physical Contact and Crisis Management Policy

Health and Safety Statement

Hire and Use Policy

Homework Policy

Internet Use Policy

Intimate Care Policy

SEN Policy

Parental Involvement Policy

Positive Language Policy

RSE Policy

Special Needs Assistants Policy and Guidelines

Substance Abuse Policy

Healthy Eating Policy

Career Break Policy

Job Sharing Policy

Use of Mobile Phone Policy

School Self Evaluation – Mathematics

School Improvement Plan – Mathematics

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