Robots, Bee- bots, swimming and Miggle D Giggles

Can you believe May is almost over? We have had sooooooo much fun since returning from our Spring break, here’s a brief catch up of what we have done!
We have been learning about robots and had a special visit from robot called Vector who can follow instructions but who could also do some things by himself! We were very lucky to get to play with bee-bots which are robot bees that you have to press directional instructions on to make them move in a certain direction! we then drew our bee- bots so everyone could see them!

In Aistear our theme of the month is the farm, we are playing with soil and water to pretend to grow vegetables, then we pretend to ell them in our farmer’s market, for small world we have artificial grass and small animals! Last week we played farm animal games and this week we made clay animals!

We also started swimming! we love it, at first we were a bit nervous but now it’s as if there’s a class full of fish in the water!

We also have a special visitor in our class. A teddy version of our president, Miggle D Giggles loves learning his phonics and nature books and he gets up to all sorts of mischief in the classroom !