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School Closure – Junior Infants Workpack & Activities

Dear Parents/ Guardians, 

Please find activities for your child to complete during the school closure in his/her homework folder.

  • Workpack– this can be completed at your child’s own pace. Encourage him/her to take their time with colouring etc. There is nothing in this pack that your child hasn’t learned in school already.
  • Go With the Flow– your child can work on the rest of this book. Not all skills will have been covered (e.g. cursive letters) but they will be taught on our return to school.
  • Sounds– please use the sound cards provided throughout the year so far to practise phonics. 
  • Word Lists– list 9 is being sent home and all other lists can be practised.
  • Tricky Words – each child received words 1-10 and a list with words 11-20 is now in the homework folder. Some of these words have not yet been covered in depth in class yet, but there is no harm in practising as many as possible!
  • Reading– please continue to read to and with your child everyday. 
  • Writing and fine motor skills – writing, drawing, cutting, playdoh, jigsaws, lego etc. are all great activities to keep your child busy and those little hands strong 🙂 

Many thanks,