It was the best school tour yet. It was nicknamed The Dead Zoo because so many stuffed animals were almost 100 years old. There was everything . You name any animal such as elephants, giraffes and even insects, they were there. It was very interesting. The only sad part was all the animals were once alive. – Alec & Aaron

The class first started in the animals found in Ireland. The first animal we saw was a giant deer skeleton. The antlers were four meters long. We saw eagles and other birds of prey, sharks and fish. We saw a basking shark. It was huge! After that, we went to the ‘animals found worldwide”. We saw kangaroos and spiders. There were heads of different animals scattered around the museum. There were birds, wolves, hippos and rhinos. After that, we had our lunch and I had a load of sweets! – Rían

After the museums, we also went to NCAD for the Graduate Exhibition. They showed us all of their pieces that they did. There was a sculpture made of glass in the shape of a jellyfish. We met the artist who made it and she showed us the process of how she made it and why. There was also a little house that was the actual size of the artist’s house that she rented for three years. It was so small that some people couldn’t even stand up in it. It was made to symbolise how bad the housing crisis is in Dublin. – Maebh