Science Exhibition & Seachtain na Gaeilge

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We’ve been very busy in Senior Stars this month. We’ve been preparing for our Science exhibition next week by experimenting with floating and sinking, and had a huge amount of fun attempting to create play-doh boats (the play-doh kept sinking and dyeing the water beautiful colours so we’re going to try again with plasticine next week!). We found that the lids of the play-doh made excellent little floating boats for our dried-pea passengers though. We also made lava lamps using oil, water with food-colouring and some alka-seltzer tablets. That was great fun, and we kept adding more and more ‘fizz’ to keep the lava moving.

We enjoyed taking part in some of the activities for Seachtain na Gaeilge this week too; including dancing at the ceili, working in groups and answering questions in the Irish table-quiz, listening to some gorgeous songs in Irish, and singing along with the national anthem. We also had a visit from Orla who demonstrated how she plays the button accordian, and Sarah played the flute for us, and showed us how to blow into the top of the flute to make a sound. It was harder to do than it looked!