Senior Infants Spellings

Hi All,

We thought it would be a good idea to inform you of the spellings we are covering weekly (see below). Going forward we will have each month’s spellings on our website page for you to see, it will be updated at the beginning of each month. We will also continue to update our web page on what is being covered in class – it’s a great way to share what we are learning!

Looking forward to speaking to you all next week.

Warmest Regards

Hannah and Maureen

November Spellings List:

Week 1: 02nd Nov

  1. My cat.
  2. I like my cat.
  3. I like to play with my cat.
  4. I like my shed.
  5. I like to go to the shop.

Word Detective: sh words – shop, she, ship, shed

Week 2: 09th Nov

  1. My dog.
  2. My dog is big.
  3. He likes to run.
  4. I like to chop.
  5. I like my chin.

Word Detective : ch words: chop, chip, chin, church

Week 3: 16th Nov

  1. The sun is big.
  2. I see the sun.
  3. It looks like a big ball.
  4. Thank you.
  5. Then I will go.

Word Detective: th / th words: thank, then, this, , that

Week 4: 23rd Nov

  1. My bed is not big.
  2. This is my bed.
  3. We can run to my bed.
  4. I like my ring.
  5. I can sing a song.

Word Detective: ng words: ring, song, strong, bang.

Week 5: 30th Nov

  1. I see the queen.
  2. She is in the red car.
  3. She will quit.
  4. She is the queen.
  5. My quilt is red.

Word Detective: qu words: queen, quit, quilt, quack