Spellings- December and January

December Spellings list:
Week 1: 7th December

  1. He sees the car.
  2. I like the car.
  3. The car is green and fast.
  4. Word detective- ar (car, star, far, bar)

Week 2: 14th December

  1. They had a tiff.
  2. They said sorry.
  3. Word detective- ff (puff, stuff, stiff, cuff)

January Spellings list:
Week 1 : January 11th

  1. “We will all go up the tree,” said Dad.
  2. The tree was in the garden.
  3. It was big and green.
  4. “I want to go up the tree,” said Dad.
  5. Word detective- ll (all,ball, smell, fill)

Week 2: January 18th

  1. I can give my Granny a big kiss!
  2. I can see my Granny.
  3. I gave her a kiss!
  4. Word detective- ss, zz (kiss, fuss, fizz, buzz)

Week 3: January 25th

  1. Mammy gave me a small snack.
  2. Mammy gave me a snack for lunch.
  3. It was small.
  4. Word detective- ck (chick, snack, lick, back)