Spellings for June

31st May-4th June

  1. I live in a small house.
  2. I always walk to school.
  3. Will you come down to visit me?
  4. Word detective- al (always,also, walk, talk)

7-11th June

  1. The water in the sink is very cold.
  2. Could I get a drink from the sink?
  3. I think there are lots of thirsty children here.
  4. Word detective- nk (sink, drink, think)

14th-18th June

1.My friend has very long hair.

2. Would you like to be my friend?

3. I will never fight with you or make you cry.

4. Word detective- er (faster, her, mixer, very)

21st-25th June

1.The dirty bird put her wings in the water.

2. Some of the birds are thirsty.

3. They drink the water and wash their wings

4.Word detective- ir (bird, dirty, stir, first)