Spellings March and April

March 8th-12th

  1. Mammy said, “Good night”.
  2. I went to bed.
  3. Then I went to sleep
  4. Word detective sound igh- night,right (note it is the same as ie sound previously covered)

March 15th-19th

  1. I can fly my kite.
  2. Look at me!
  3. I can fly my kite very high in the sky!
  4. Word detective sound y (when y makes the i sound why,fly)

March 22nd-26th

  1. Mammy is going into town.
  2. She is in her brown car.
  3. She will bring me a treat.
  4. Word detective sound ow- wow, down (note it is the same as the ou sound previously covered)

April 12th-16th

  1. She threw a black ball at him.
  2. She threw the black ball.
  3. The ball hit him hard and it hurt!
  4. Word detective sound ew- new, stew

April 19th-23rd

  1. I have his round football outside my house.
  2. I see the round ball in my garden.
  3. Mammy said, “Where did that come from?”
  4. Word detective sound ou- house, count (same as ow sound from March)

April 26th-30th

  1. The coin made a little noise in the box.
  2. When I put the coin in my box it made a little noise.
  3. Soon I will be rich!
  4. Word detective sound oi- boil, soil.