Starting Junior Infants in KTETNS September

Starting school in KTETNS
Can you believe the children are back in school almost 5 weeks already? Junior Infants have had such a great time getting to know the school and the people who work there. We visited Aideen’s office, Gerry’s office, and all the classrooms from senior infants all the way up to 6th class! It was great fun!
Maths: In Junior Infants we love to use real items for maths! We have been sorting items in a number of different ways, by colour, by item, by size, and by material (Natural /human made). Then we concentrated on matching items that were the same, and now we are learning about patterns, they are so much fun!


English: So far in English we have been learning about rhyming words, syllables and we can read the sounds S,A,T,I,P,&N. We had writing stations where we used whiteboards, playdough, paper and our books to write letters. We are also learning to write our names!

Gaeilge/Irish: We have been asking and answering Cé Tusa (Who are you? ) and Is Mise (Iam..)We have also learned some songs including Rolaí pólaí, and Lámh, Lámh eile.

Science: In science we have been looking at what humans and plants need to live, we also went on a Nature walk out to the garden and Geodome.

Aistear and Art: Our theme in Aistear this month is the school, so we have been using blocks to build lego, we having been pretending to be teachers,students, principals and office workers . We used playdough to make school items.In art we have done a self portrait and we also painted a scene from Michael Rosen’s “We’re going on a Bear Hunt”.