When we earned the Crystal Maze, we were all so happy and proud. We earned it for working hard in class and working together. At the Crystal Maze, we were put into groups. First we started off by playing some golf. As the day happened to be Madison’s birthday, we sang Happy Birthday to Madison. She handed us out cupcakes after lunch!  

After golf, we went to the door where we had to build a puzzle to open it. Then we went to a maze. It was fun and we played lots of different games like a rope swing, football and a game where you link hands and get past obstacles. We won Crystals from games and if we got a certain amount of them we would earn a trophy – Cathal & Sara 

At the end, before we went home, we gathered around in a circle and the man in charge of the Crystal Maze talked all about the games we played and the teamwork we showed. We ended up winning the trophy so that was pretty spectacular! It was honestly an amazing day with the class 😁. – Julia