Settling into Mia’s Junior Infants in Kildare Town Educate Together

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Can you believe we are just at our Mid-term already!! The class have settled in so well and we love to have fun at every opportunity! Here’s what we have been up to in the last few weeks!  

We have been learning about Sorting , and categories patterns in Maths as well as using our Numicon to learn about numbers !! 

Our theme for Aistear for September was ‘school’ We had great fun playing the part of Gerry and Aideen in the role play area. Our theme for this month was ‘homes’.  We really enjoyed making all types of different houses from both large and small Lego. Our newly refurbished small world house has been very popular with all the children. 


In science we have been learning about light and shadow, we learned about sequins and how they ‘scatter ‘ the light, we used torches as well as natural light to explore shadows. We made our own shadows as well as having a shadow puppet show! Also in science we made some ‘lava’ pumpkin faces! We used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to make the lava bubble through the pumpkin faces. This was so much fun even if the class did smell like vinegar for a while!! 

Every week , the table of the week get to go on  a litter pick to keep our school clean! We absolutely love doing it! 

We love getting outside for learning or fun and have been taking advantage of some good weather and had some picnics outside. We went on an Autumn hunt around the school grounds and  also learned how to safely cross the road using the zebra crossing.