We are only one month into 2020 and Michelle’s 2nd class have already learned so much!

The class learned about healthy eating and what would make up a healthy lunchbox. We then focused our learning on our teeth. 

We looked at the parts that make up our teeth as well as the names and jobs our teeth have. The class drew and labelled a diagram of a tooth and of a set of teeth to see where each tooth is positioned. 

Second class carried out an experiment to see the effects of acid and sugar on their teeth, the shell on the eggs represented the enamel of teeth. The results were very interesting. 

For literacy we concentrated on the ‘Procedural Writing’ genre this month, the Tooth Decay experiment was one example of procedural writing which we wrote up .

Finally we designed and made a set of teeth using clay, we ensured to make the shapes and sizes of the molars, premolars, canines and incisors distinct from one another. Once our clay has dried we will paint our teeth.

The class also learned about Magnetism this month, how opposite poles attract, North and South, and how like poles repel each other, South and South for example. The class used the ipads to do a quiz about Magnetism on Kahoot before investigating whether or not items around the classroom are magnetic. 

There was great fun designing and making racetracks to test out some magnetic car racing. Have a look at the super racetracks the groups created. 

In other Science activities we talked about the importance of washing our hands, we are demonstrating this using two slices of bread. We put a slice of bread into a ziplock bag using a glove to ensure the bread was clean. We then passed the second slice of bread around to each person in the class, we did not use a glove for this slice of bread, we placed it in a separate zip lock bag and we are observing the unpleasant results…keep an eye out in February we will post a picture of the results!

As we were using bread for the above science experiment we decided to make our very own homemade butter on the same day. Using just one ingredient,  cream, we shook the cream in a jar until we made butter. Shaking the jar was fun and everyone loved sampling their very own homemade butter afterwards.


Groups worked very well together on an in class project about Irish birds. Each group had a different bird to report on, we chose to present our reports on a two-page spread, we looked at some examples of two-page spreads in fact books and online. The groups then had to skim information about birds, and categorize the information according to Description, Habitat, Diet and any other additional interesting facts. Any information gathered had to be read, understood and rephrased into the groups own words. The class did a great job!

We were learning about the past tense during an English lesson..

Money was the area of learning in Maths this month, we based lots of activities on this topic. The children were given real coins in pairs and used the ipads to shop special food offers online on the Lidl website. The pairs had to look for items they could buy, count out the coins they needed and record these coins in their copies before buying another item. 

We also took a visit to MathDonalds! Given a menu for MathDonals with all items priced at various prices less than €2 the class had to put in an order with a partner and work out what change they would receive from a €1 or €2 coin.

Drama is always so enjoyable in 2nd class, this month we created dramas in groups to the line “That is so unfair” , which tied in with our ethical education value for January, Fairness. The class also were left feeling that all was not fair one morning when Michelle treated one group of children differently to the rest of the class. We had a discussion about how this made us feel. This led us into a lesson about Martin Luther King and how life was very unfair for many people in America until he made a very important speech which changed their lives. We spoke about Martin Luther King’s dream and dreams we have that would make the world a better place, we drew pictures of our dreams. 


We also enjoy drama during Literacy, for example acting out our poem this month, ‘Bear in There’ by Shel Silverston.

Drama is also great fun during Gaeilge when we mime our caitheamh aimsire or act out our poems such as when we acted out ‘Humptaí Dumptaí’.

In Music we were identifying the beat in a variety of pieces, to find the beat we learned a rhyme about beat and then we marched around the classroom to excerpts such as ‘The Colonel Hathi Elephant March’ from The Jungle Book and ‘When the Saints go Marching In’ by Louis Armstrong. We could not find the beat however in an excerpt called ‘Flight of the Bumblebee’ by Yuja Wang.

**A huge thank you to second class for the amazing reading projects this month, the effort the class put in was phenomenal. We look forward to sharing our projects in the coming week.