Winter Time in 2nd Class!

Grow from Seeds

2nd class have been very lucky to be given an opportunity to work on our Grow From Seeds Project again this year. We are working closely with the Gaiety School of Acting to help create an Intercultural Education programme to teach in our schools through drama and story.

Grandparents Day

2nd class had a fantastic day today celebrating their grandparents.Lots of grandparents came to visit and we enjoyed performing some of our songs and poems.

Science Week

Understanding Fractions

2nd Class have been busy learning all about fractions, especially halves, quarters.

Firstly, we explored halves and we decided that a fraction means something is divided into equal parts, so if something is halved, it means there are two equal halves. If something is divided into quarters, it means there are 4 equal quarters.

To help us understand this further  we used our fraction mats where one side is divided into two equal halves and the other side into four equal quarters. We then used counters and had to divide the counters equally into the different halves or quarters. We found it was a fun way to figure out what a quarter of 8, 12, 16 or even 40 is!