Winter Wonderland


In November, we were at ‘The Toyshop’ for Aistear! We loved buying and selling toys, making creations with playdoh and constructing fantastic toy factories and shops.

In Maths, we have been doing amazing work with numicon and using cuisenaire rods and rod trays. We have also been working on making lots of different perfect patterns!

In December, we were at the hairdressers for Aistear! We loved getting our hair washed and cut, being stylists, working at reception and designing new hairstyles. We were also lucky enough to get a visit from Santa before our holidays!!!

In maths during January, we have been looking at how heavy things are. We used balance scales to measure if items were heavier or lighter than each other. We have also been doing lots of great work with numerals and numicon.

For Aistear, we were working in the Doctor’s Clinic! We were brilliant at acting as patients, taking someone’s temperature, checking the heartbeat with a stethoscope and booking appointments. We created models of lots of devices a doctor might use, and built incredible hospitals and clinics with lego and blocks.