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Winter Wonderland in Junior Infants

December has been a very busy month for us in Junior Infants! We rehearsed for our Winter Concert and recorded it on the big stage in the halla, we had fun making lots of winter artwork and we even had a zoom call from someone very special!!! In maths this month, we have been working on shapes and number. We learned all about different shapes, drew them and made pictures with them. We love using all of our numicon resources to learn about number too!

We were at the hairdressers for Aistear! We had so much fun pretending to be the customers, receptionist, hairdressers and barbers. We made cool hairstyles with our playdoh and loved building in construction.

We made beautiful Christmas tree decorations with clay and painted them once they had dried. We also created ‘Winter Wonderland’ posters using different materials such as felt and foam.

One frosty morning, we went exploring around the school looking for signs of winter. We also decorated our classroom Christmas tree! We have also been doing some yoga in our class when it has been too rainy to go outside for P.E.

We could not BELIEVE it when we got a zoom call from SANTA on Friday!!! He knew what class we were in and even the names of our pods! He told Aisling to tell all the parents that bed time on Christmas Eve is 7pm!!

Have a lovely break everyone!!!