Project: World War I

Date given: Monday Jan 21st Due date: Friday Jan  25th

This project must be presented via poster/booklet/spreadsheet (anything that can be hand-written) and must include drawings and/or pictures. No more than 1 hour each night and check the website for videos and links on World War I to aid the project.

Section 1: Breakout of WW1 – Due Tuesday 22nd

Discuss the main reasons for World War 1 occurring with paragraphs in your own words and draw a map of how Europe looked in 1914, labelling the countries directly involved in the war. Write down the leaders of each country during WWI e.g. United Kingdom = Woodrow Wilson.

Extra: Add the year each country joined the war. Colour code countries of the same alliance. Note down the estimated casualties of each country.

Section 2: Warfare & Significant Battles – Due Wednesday 23rd

Focus specifically on the battles that occurred during WW1 e.g. Battle of the Somme, Trench Warfare etc. Describe the weapons used (Rifles, Gas, Artillery etc.) and ensure pictures/drawings accompany this section.

Extra: Add in other significant battles detailing their importance (Battles on the Western Front) and possibly lesser known battles.

Section 3: Point of View – Due Thursday 24th

Pick a country involved in the war. Imagine you are a soldier or the leader of this country. Write a letter to your family from the battlefield or the government buildings, detailing how your country got involved, what effect it has had on you and your fellow citizens, who is attacking you, what the war is like for the soldiers on the ground, and what benefit you hope will come to your country after the war.

Extra: Write a series of entries (diary/journal/letter) from the perspective of a commander or leader of a country involved.

Section 4: Consequences of the Great War – Due Friday 25th

Outline how the war ended and the main consequences/outcomes of the war. Briefly outline how Ireland was affected by the war. You can also add any last piece of information (something you found shocking or interesting)

Extra: Write a profile on a person of significance e.g. a famous commander during the war/a soldier or civilian who contributed heroically/someone lesser known that made a contribution.

Each child should spend time reading over every section and checking for correct spelling, adding and pictures/photos to bulk up the project.


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