March in 4th Class!

4th Class were so delighted to be back to school to see their friend and take part in lots of lovely St Patrick’s Day and Easter activities! Here is some of our Easter art and the lovely Easter baking we did!

Eimear’s Class Spellings for December

Eimear’s 4th class will continue with the same format of homework for December (spellings, tables and reading). We will also have a project to complete based on a Famous Person in History, please check Microsoft Teams for information and additional support on this. Homework Nov 30th-Dec 4th: reason season please doctor medicine between injection sneeze …

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Marking International Women’s Day

To celebrate International Womens Day 2020 our school took part in activities to show the importance of this event. We created projects, learned about different women in history who are important (4th class studied Marie Curie), as well as whole school assemblies and songs!