Orla’s Junior Stars Vega

Hearts and pancakes

This month the children enjoyed listening to and sequencing the story ‘The Runaway Pancake’; they even decorated their own pancakes with different fruits. The children did some work on money and used Numicon to help them to add up items in a shop. We celebrated Valentine’s Day by doing some Kandinsky inspired paintings.  

Healthy Eating

In Chloe’s class, the children have been learning all about healthy foods. The children tried a number different fruits and vegetables and expressed their likes and dislikes afterwards. We also talked about how some foods are very healthy and help us to grow whilst other foods are better as treats.

Walking in a winter wonderland

The Stars classes had a magical day yesterday at the Lullymore Winter Wonderland experience. Not only did the children get to meet Santa, they found fairy houses, made a wish at the fairy tree, went on a train ride and helped the elves to make it snow.  

Out of this world

This month, the children in Stars have really enjoyed learning about space. The children have all shown an interest in this topic and have particularly enjoyed making rockets, singing songs about space and pretending to be a part of special missions to space too. We read the fantastic book ‘The Way Back Home’ and the …

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Stars and shapes

This month we have been doing lots of work with shapes. The children have taken part in shape hunts around the school, sang songs about shapes and made different shape pictures including a space rocket and a witch. This month, we have also learnt about the seasons and different types of weather. The children very …

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Spring has arrived and we are definitely looking forward to spending more time learning outside in the coming weeks as the weather improves (fingers crossed!). This month we have been learning about money in Maths. The children really enjoyed our shop role play where they took it in turns to be the customer and the …

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Pancake fun

This week we have been designing and decorating our own ‘healthy pancakes’. Some of the children chose to make pancake lions whilst others made pancake suns. The children used strawberries, blueberries and oranges to decorate the pancakes. We talked about healthy eating and how to be hygienic when preparing food, which of course meant that …

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